Thursday, June 23, 2011

About me!

My first post will be about me.

I gave my life to Christ Sept 7, 2008. The most important day of my life. I was lost and God found me and welcomed me with open arms. My life changed after that day. My views the things I said and did. I was convicted of my horrible mouth that just had to say a swear word every 5 -10 sentences. Before I was saved I was a huge gossip with itching ears. Always wanted to know what was going on with so and so and then 2 min later calling someone else to tell them. I couldn't wait to tell someone something that was going on about someone else. I also exaggerated AKA lied a lot. I couldn't go one day without lying no matter how hard I tried, same goes with gossiping and swearing. I had tried many times to be a better person and not do things but it was not easy! When I got saved I was instantly convicted (1st) of smoking a cig 5 min from leaving the church. Not only was I convicted it didn't taste the same. I got home and got a different pack same thing. I knew God didn't want me to smoke anymore. Alcohol, same thing, I tried drinking some and it was horrible and I knew God didn't want me doing it so I dumped it all out. I was convicted of the music I was listening to and movies I had and watched. They all went in the trash. God was doing a work in me (and still is). He who is now in me took away the desire to gossip and to hear gossip,now in which I'm sickened by. The profanaty I used was no longer as well as the lying. 

I became on fire for God and couldn't get enough of His word. I was reading my Bible 5-6 hours a day. I was craving anything and everything having to do with Jesus and I called and told everyone I could. Because of this the closest family I had would be no more. I lost all my "friends" and just about all the close family I had. At first it tore me to pieces. I just didn't understand why. Luckly I called a lady from the church and she took me right in. I had a new family. My brothers and sisters in Christ. I wouldn't have it any other way. I do have a cousin who is saved (she is the one that witnessed to me a former pagan and invited me to her church).
Who is getting married actually on this Sunday to a great man of God. They haven't even kissed or hugged which I think is amazing. 

Everything I do now I want to do to please God. I strive now to be a woman of God. My life, views and heart are totally different now than it was then. I couldn't have done it alone and it's only because He who is in me that I am who I am now. I give praise and all the glory to my Father the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Next post will be a about my family and why I'm homeschooling.


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